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In Fiddler, what can you see in the session list and why would you use it?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: FiddlerTools


  • The Session List contains all the captured sessions (requests and responses).
  • Each line represents one session. 
  • When you click on a session, the session detail will be displayed at the right hand side - request at the top, response at the bottom
  • Session List can be used for identifying if the traffic capturing is enabled and if it works properly - if so, you will see some entries in the session list
  • Session List allows you to see what requests are sent from a browser based on actions you do in the browser (when you click a link, you can see a request is sent, when you submit a form, you see a request is sent...)
  • You can see what request succeeded and what requests failed - see the Status Code column in the Session List
  • You can see what requests are large (large volume of data is uploaded) - see the Body column in the Session List
  • You can see what type of data is sent in a request - see the Content-Type column in the Session List
  • You can see what applications (processes) are sending requests from your computer - see the Process column in the Session List
  • You can add comments to the sessions to later discuss them with your collagues


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