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Learning Journals

Application for your efficient learning

Why Learning Journals?

Faster learning

Thanks to learning journals you will learn faster and more efficiently.

When you are learning, you should write notes to your learning journal. You can write down the following:

  • What you learned,
  • what challenges you are facing,
  • what questions you have,
  • what are your thoughts.

How Learning Journals help?


Track your learning process every day. Write down what you learned so you don't forget it and can always get back to it.


Analysis of your notes will help you to build the mental image of the topic you are learning.


Retrace what you are learning. This way you will memorize the topic better.

Identify obstacles

When you get stuck, the first part of the solution is to identify the problem. Identify the obstacle and write it down. You will then later be able to overcome them either yourself or with your mentor or learning buddy.

Key Features

On-line access from anywhere

Always have your notes at your fingertips.


As a student you can share your learning journal with a mentor or your learning buddies. They will then be able to help you better.

Designed for developers, testers, UI/UX designers

The goal of our learning journals is to help spread the software development knowledge