What can you do using Fiddler?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: FiddlerTools


Using Fiddler you can

  • See what requests are sent from browser to server (you are not limited just to browser, any application that is using HTTP protocol can be monitored)
  • See what responses are returned back
  • See data contained in the request
  • See data contained in the response
  • See if processing of request failed or succeeded
  • Create requests and send them to server
  • Intercept a request, modify it, re-play it again
  • Create collection of requests that can be reused later
  • Visualize the request and response using many different inspectors
  • Decrypt encryped HTTPS traffic between and see unencrypted data that flow between your browser and server
  • See how long it takes to process a request on the server
  • See how long it takes to send a request and receive the response
  • See a sequence in which the requests were sent


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