Using Fiddler, how can you monitor the HTTP traffic between your browser and server?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: FiddlerTools


  • For monitoring HTTP traffic, you need to install Fiddler first.
  • Once it is installed, just run it. Fiddler will automatically "hook into" the browsers you use. 
  • Run a browser (if you haven't done so yet) and try to visit some website. All the requests should be captured and displayed in the Fiddler Session List.

If no requests were captured, try the following:

  • Traffic capturing is enabled by default, so HTTP traffic will be captured immediately after you run Fiddler. The capturing can however be Disabled/Enabled in the File menu so if there are no requests captured, always verify that the capturing is Enabled (F12).
  • Request filtering can be enabled as well, so always check if the tab Filters is checked. If Fiddler isn't capturing requests that you think it should be capturing, try to uncheck the checkbox on the Filters tab. This way all HTTP requests will be captured without any filtering.


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