Using Fiddler, how do you identify if the submitted request failed or succeded?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: FiddlerTools


Whenever a browser (client) submits a request to a server, the server should answer by sending a response back to the browser (client). The response sent by the server contains a status code that defines whether the request processing was successful or not.

  • The status code can be seen in the Session list.

When you double-click a request/response in the Session list, the request/response will be opened in the Inspector. You can use the following Response Inspector views:

  • Raw - this view displays the whole response that was received from the server
  • Headers - this view displays the response headers that were received from the server
  • HexView - this view displays the response that was received from the server in hexadecimal format (on the left) and plain-text format (on the right)

The status codes with number 4xx and 5xx mean error.


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