In Fiddler, how do you filter requests and why would you want to do it?

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  • When you capture HTTP traffic, Fiddler captures all HTTP traffic from all applications running on your computer.
  • This generates too much noise, because you are usually interested only in traffic from one application (browser) or traffic that is sent to a specific server.
  • In Fiddler the Filters can be used to define what traffic will be capured and what traffic should be filtered out.

To enable Filtering

  • Click on tab Filters
  • Check Use Filters
  • Set your preferred filer, for example Show only if URL contains {your keyword}
  • The filter will be applied to all traffic captured from now on, but the existing captured traffic that is already present in the Session List won't be affected.
  • To apply the filter to existing traffic that was captured earlier, click Actions-Run Filterset now


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