What is a <span> tag?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: HTML


  • The <span> tag is used as a container to group parts of text
  • The <span> is similar to <div> tag, but it is in-line element, which means it doesn't start on the new line when rendered in the browser
  • The <span> doesn't change a look of a text in any way, unless a CSS style is applied to it
  • The attributes that are often used in the <span> tag are class="..." and style="...". We don't recommend using the latter as the in-line styles are generally considered a bad practice.
	This is <span>a text with no visual change</span>,
	this is <span style="color: red;">a red text</span>,
	this is <span class="my-class">a text styled using CSS class</span>.


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