What is the difference between html Element and Attribute?

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The element consists of 3 parts:

  • opening tag,
  • content
  • and closing tag

The opening tag can have zero or more attributes.

Each attribute consists of name and value.

Have a look at the following example:

<p class="some-class" id="my-paragraph">Some paragraph</p>

If you break it down to separate parts:

  • The whole block is element
  • The <p class="some-class" id="my-paragraph"> is the opening tag
  • The Some paragraph is the content
  • The </p> is the closing tag
  • The class="some-class" is the first attribute where the attribute name is class and the attribute value is some-class
  • The id="my-paragraph" is the second attribute where the attribute name is id and the attribute value is my-paragraph


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