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What is Azure DevOps and what is it good for?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: ProcessesProject managementSDLCVSTS


Azure DevOps (formerly known as VSTS, that stands for Visual Studio Team Services) is a cloud service for collaborating on code development built by Microsoft.

Azure DevOps has the following key features:

  • Work items and tasks - you can use these to keep track of what the development team works on
  • Bugs and incidents - you can use these to keep track of issues and bugs. Thanks to these you will never forget to resolve anything. You will be able to report bugs easily and see what state they are in - has someone already analyzed the incident? Is there a bug or a is the incident just a false positive? Is the bug to be fixed or has it been fixed yet? Who is fixing it? Who will be testing the fix?
  • Tests - you can create and manage test plans, test suites and test cases. The manual testing can be executed using test runs.
  • Dashboards - on dashboards you can quickly see what needs your  attention and how is the development team doing.
  • Builds and releases - all builds and releases are visualized in the web interface so it is easy to troubleshoot them, see what state they are in and to reconfigure them if needed.
  • Code - the web interface makes your code repository browsable so you can easily look into the code even if you don't have your full IDE installed
  • Wiki - the integrated Wiki is useful for documenting the project you are working on
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