What are the advantages of Automation framework?

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Tags: Quality Assurance (QA)



Automation framework will help you with designing and writing automated tests. It simplifies and speeds up test development and maintenance.

  • Manual testing is time consuming, automation testing is not once you have written the tests
  • Manual testing requires heavy investment in human resources, automation testing is cheaper because once the test is written, it can be executed at no cost
  • The time needed for manual testing grows exponentially so at some point you will realize it needs to be automated as the cost of manual testing and time needed would exceed your available resources
  • Automated testing framework allows you to write tests that can be plugged in to continuous integration process


Points to remember

  • Abstracts away the low level commands
  • Utilizes many test tools under one umberlla
  • Allows to perform multiple types of testing
  • Efficient
  • Consistent
  • Reusable
  • Better accuracy
  • Test coverage
  • Helps to document the system
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