What are the most common options to store state in React?

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There are several options to store state in React. The most common ones are:

  1. Stateful Class Components - This is the traditional way of storing state in React. You define a class component and use the constructor to initialize the state. You can then update the state using setState method.
  2. Functional Components with Hooks - With the introduction of hooks in React 16.8, you can now use functional components to store state. You can use the useState hook to initialize and update state.
  3. Redux - Redux is a popular state management library for React. It provides a centralized store where you can store and update state. You can use the connect function to connect your components to the store.
  4. MobX - MobX is another state management library for React. It uses observables to track changes in state and automatically updates the components that depend on it.
  5. Context API - The Context API is a built-in feature of React that allows you to pass data down the component tree without having to pass props manually. You can use the useContext hook to access the context data.
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