What are the most commonly used React hooks?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: React


The most commonly used React hooks are:

  1. useState: Used for managing state in functional components.
  2. useEffect: Used for performing side effects in functional components, such as fetching data or updating the DOM.
  3. useContext: Used for accessing context in functional components.
  4. useRef: Used for accessing DOM elements or storing mutable values.
  5. useCallback: Used for memoizing functions to prevent unnecessary re-renders.
  6. useMemo: Used for memoizing values to prevent unnecessary re-computations.
  7. useReducer: Used for managing complex state in functional components.
  8. useLayoutEffect: Similar to useEffect, but runs synchronously after all DOM mutations.
  9. useImperativeHandle: Used for exposing imperative methods to parent components.
  10. useDebugValue: Used for displaying custom labels in React DevTools.
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