Why would you create a Request in Postman?

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You create a HTTP request in Postman when you want to send it to the server without using a browser. The request can be sent either immediately or later and just once or multiple times.

Why would you want to create and send a HTTP request?

You usually create a custom HTTP request when you want to test and verify the following:

  • What response will be sent back from the server based on the request?
  • What will the server respond if I modify the data in a request?
  • Is the server alive and will it respond?
  • Will the server respond with data that is expected?
  • How long will it take for the server to process the request?
  • How long does it take to get the response back?

When you use the internet, the HTTP request is usually sent by a browser (a client application) to a server in order to retrieve a web page or some data from the server. But when you are developing or testing a web application, it is very helpful to test the server behaviour not using a browser, but using an application that is designed for web application testing. Which is Postman.

Wouldn't it be great if you could simulate the same requests that the browser is generating? Or maybe completely custom requests, having full control over their structure and content?

  • What if you want to customize these requests?
  • Or what if you want to send them in a specific order?
  • Or what if you want to send one request ten times?
  • Or what if you want to see how the data returned from the server looks like?

In these cases, you can use Postman to create a request and send it to the server. With full control over the sending process.


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