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What happens behind-the-scenes if you enter a URL address to the browser address bar and hit enter?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: HTTP protocolQuality Assurance (QA)


The browser creates a HTTP request and sends it to the server. The server then responds back and sends the web page data (HTML code).

  • The URL address in HTTP requests defines which web page will be downloaded
  • The method used in HTTP request is GET, because no form data are submitted (otherwise POST method would be used)
  • The status code returned in response defines whether the request succeeded or whether it failed



  1. Open Chrome browser and press F12 to open Chrome DevTools. Select the Network tab in DevTools.
  2. Enter the URL https://www.bettercoder.io to the address bar and hit enter.
  3. Analyze the following
    • Did the request succeeded or failed? What status code was returned?
    • What data was returned from the server?
    • What was the size of the data returned from the server?
    • How many requests were sent by the browser
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HTTP protocol for beginners

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