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What is Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and what is it good for?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: DatabasesQuality Assurance (QA)


Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is a client application for Microsoft SQL Server.

The SSMS is installed on your client computer. For that reason we say the SSMS is Client application.

On contrary the Microsoft SQL Server is installed on a server. We say the SQL Server is a Server application.

You can use SSMS (client application) to connect to SQL Server (server application) and after the connection is established, you can manipulate the SQL Server remotely using SSMS.

Using the SSMS you can:

  • Connect to SQL Server
  • See what databases are stored on SQL Server and manage them
  • Manage data stored in SQL Server
  • Manage tables in databases that are stored on SQL Server
  • Run queries against SQL Server
  • Manage SQL Server settings
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