What is the maximum vocabulary size of ChatGPT?

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The maximum vocabulary size of ChatGPT depends on the specific variant of the model being used. However, the largest publicly available variant of GPT-3 has a vocabulary size of 175,000 tokens. It's possible that future versions of the model could have larger vocabularies.

The size of vocabulary in tokens means the total number of unique words that are present in the model's training data. A token is a sequence of characters that represents a unit of meaning in a text, usually a word or a punctuation mark. In natural language processing, tokenization is the process of splitting a text into individual tokens, which are then used as the basic units of analysis. The larger the vocabulary size in tokens, the greater the variety of words and expressions that the model can recognize and generate in its responses. This can result in more coherent and contextually relevant responses, as well as a higher level of language understanding and sophistication. However, increasing the vocabulary size also requires more computational resources and longer training times, which can be a trade-off in terms of model performance and efficiency.


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