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You are deploying Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) using Azure ARM templates. You need to disable unused Windows features automatically as instances of the virtual machines are provisioned. How will solve this?

Experience Level: Junior
Tags: Azure CloudAzure Virtual MachinesAzure Virtual Networks


Use Azure Automation State Configuration.

Azure Automation State Configuration provides a DSC pull server similar to the Windows Feature DSC-Service so that target nodes automatically receive configurations, conform to the desired state, and report back on their compliance. The built-in pull server in Azure Automation eliminates the need to set up and maintain your own pull server. Azure Automation can target virtual or physical Windows or Linux machines, in the cloud or on-premises.

Managing Azure VMs with Azure Automation State Configuration is included at no extra charge if the installed Azure VM Desired State Configuration extension version is greater than 2.70.

Azure Automation State Configuration lets you easily enable Azure VMs for configuration management, using the Azure portal, Azure Resource Manager templates, or PowerShell. Under the hood, and without an administrator having to remote into a VM, the Azure VM Desired State Configuration extension registers the VM with Azure Automation State Configuration.


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